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Characters: Kanan Jarrus

(aka Caleb Dume) Star Wars Rebels animated series

One of the purposes of this website is to create a place where I can collect my favorite photos. Here I’m sharing photos of Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi-in-hiding who became a part of the forming Rebellion against the Empire in Star Wars, has been an often-featured character in my Instagram feed. He is calm, cool and collected under pressure, good with animals, a patient mentor and teacher, and a man of great discipline and self-control. Over the years, he developed an understated but deep relationship with Hera Syndulla, and their love story (cut short as it was in the animated TV series) is a frequent theme in my photos of Kanan.

LEGO Kanan

It’s nice that there are a couple of Kanan versions available from LEGO, since the character had a few different “looks” during the course of the TV show.

Star Wars Black Series 6″ Kanan

NOTE: I suspect that I will add photos to this post as I have new ones of Kanan that I want to archive in this “portfolio”. So the content here may vary each time you visit.

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