Buttercup on a mission - Teddi Deppner @teddi_toyworld

Why Toy Hobby Fun?

It's one thing to have a hobby, but here's why we have a blog

In my first two posts on this website, I offered an introduction to toy photography for those who’ve never heard of it and a story about how our family got into this hobby. But creating a website and blogging regularly is a lot of work, so why in the world would I do that to myself?

It’s All About You

When I discovered how enjoyable and easy this hobby was, how it made everyday life so much fun, how it provided an escape from the stress of the world, and offered a chance to make art that was beautiful, kind, humorous, and accessible — how could I keep it to myself? If you are someone who even remotely might benefit from this activity, I want you to give it a try. And the best way I know to give you a jumpstart is by sharing our experiences with you here.

Buttercup in the woods - Teddi Deppner @teddi_toyworld

And It’s All About Me

I’m a web designer by profession, a writer and marketer by trade, and putting together a website comes naturally to me. Yes, it’s work, but it’s what I do. So when I have an idea and I want to share it with the world, I buy a domain name and build a website. My husband says I do this too often, and he’s probably right. But it seems like the best way to do what I want to do:

  • Invite new people into the toy photography hobby
  • Promote my fellow toy photographers
  • Fund my hobby (see my full disclosure statement)
  • Share my knowledge
  • Spend time with my kids
  • Celebrate a few of my favorite things (story characters, tools, equipment, toys, etc)

Buttercup and Ray Tenny - Teddi Deppner @teddi_toyworld

Finally, It’s All About Us

When I say “us”, there are two layers to it. This website is an extension of how I share this hobby with my kids. As we take toy photos together, we learn together. I learn from them every day, and I want them to have a chance to share that wisdom with others. We homeschool, and inviting my children to co-host this blog with me also gives them a chance to learn some useful, employable skills.

The other layer of “us” is all of us together. You, me, my kids, and the greater toy photography community. There isn’t much in life on this earth that is more rewarding and more important than the relationships we have with others. I don’t want to get all philosophical on you, but I’m reaching out with this website. Reaching out to you.

When you subscribe to get our updates, when you leave a comment, when you follow us on social media — that’s a real, human connection. Technology is just the vehicle. You are real to us, not just a “follower”. You see, that’s how this hobby works. You “meet” someone on Instagram and the next thing you know, you’re buying a toy from them via PayPal, and then you’re exchanging Christmas cards, and suddenly you’re shaking hands with them at an international toy photographer meetup and you’ve made a friend for life.

That’s what happened to us. And that’s why we made this website. That’s why we spend hours putting together details about this hobby and sharing it with you. It’s our hope you’ll experience that sort of connection, too.

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