Featured Image Goldie rides Rexy - @teddi_toyworld


Toy Hobby Fun is a blog where a family of toy photographers share adventures, tips, and toy photos. We just launched in late 2018, so this website will flesh out as each week goes by with new posts.

We plan to include:

+ Resources for those interested in getting started
+ Product reviews and tips for those already into the hobby
+ Features on toy photographers around the world
+ Info on toy photo meetups and photo-friendly vacation destinations

You’ll notice that we offer links to shop for toys online. Some of these links are designed so that we get a commission off the sale. This is one small way you can support our efforts if you appreciate our content. We will NEVER recommend products or services that we don’t have confidence in and/or use ourselves.

We believe toy photography makes the world a brighter place and brings joy to a lot of people. Whether you take up the hobby yourself or just enjoy seeing our pictures, we’re glad you found us! Please do leave a comment somewhere and say hello while you’re here. We’d love to hear from you.

// The Toy Hobby Fun Team: Teddi (Mom), Lewis, & Liz //