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What Is Toy Photography?

An introduction for those who have never heard of this hobby

Toy photography is a hobby related to both toy collecting and photography. People of all ages do toy photography, and while it is not exactly mainstream (and probably never will be), it has received more attention in recent years. Above all, it’s a hobby that brings people together and provides good, clean fun. (Note: All links below will open in a new tab.)

Examples of Toy Photography Online

You can find a huge community of toy photographers on Instagram by exploring some related hashtags: #toy_photographers, #tbsff (specific to Star Wars Black Series action figures), #stuckinplastic, to name a few.

Some especially creative toy photographers have been featured on entertainment and photography websites:

Entertainment Franchises and Toy Companies

More and more movie, gaming and TV franchises are starting to recognize the benefit of the toy photography community both as consumers who buy toys and as social media influencers who promote their brands.

There’s a lot of toy photography out there once you start to look for it. Some is humorous, some is serious. You’ll find photography as phenomenal art, photos that trick the eye into believing the toys are life-sized, and people just having fun. Every genre and story that has a toy associated with it has a photographer somewhere.

We hope you’ll stick around and learn more about this hobby with us, whether you decide to join in or just enjoy watching us play!

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